Friday, April 22, 2011

17/04/11 Curieuse Life

What a jam packed week, where to start? Firstly we all completed our PADI Advanced Open Water qualification, which means no more knowledge reviews...sweet. This involved 5 adventure dives: boat, deep, navigation, peak performance buoyancy and naturalist. Although quite a few of us seemed to struggle with the concept of navigating a 4-sided square, well done Zoe.. we’re proud of you!

Friday night was our first BBQ and it was a jungle theme party. Making outfits out of palm fronds, the camp site rocked to the Beach Boys, Wham and Billy Idol. Emma put in a solid effort and was the first to pass out (at 6:30pm). It was great to see everyone let their hair down and hitting the Dfloor. The following morning we all jumped on Dexter and headed to Praslin. We spent the day catching up with friends and family back home, updated our Facebook status and caught the bus round the island, getting a feel of the island vibe.

The next day we trekked through the forest to Baie Laraie on Curieuse, walking through the mangroves on the way, we were lucky to see a few juvenile Lemon sharks and an Eagle ray. Once we got to the Rangers station we chilled with the Giant tortoises... they are fricking massive!!! and spent the rest of the day snorkeling and baking in the sun.

With the weekend over it was back to work, and the week was sure to be busy with spot dives every day. For our spot dives we practice coral identification underwater with members of staff. Our Spot dive yesterday at Coral Garden was the best dive ever as we dropped into a huge school of Bengal Snappers, and a feeding frenzy soon followed with Giant Trevally’s, Red Snappers, Barracudas and Jobfish tearing the place apart. For the few of us who happened to be in the middle of it, it was an amazing experience.

We’re having the best time, the diving is awesome and we’re looking forward to next week, when we start our PADI Coral Reef Research Diver Speciality (gonna look sick on the resume).