Friday, April 22, 2011

22/04/2011 Cap Ternay Celebrates Dive For Earth Day

On Thursday April 22nd volunteers and staff from the GVI Seychelles Cap Ternay base and members of the Seychelles National Parks Authority teamed up to celebrate Dive For Earth Day.

Since 1999 the Project AWARE Foundation has been organizing activities and encouraging people with an interest in the marine environment to promote underwater conservation in their local areas.

At Cap Ternay the day commenced with a beach clean along three of the beaches adjacent to the expedition base. Staff, volunteers and SNPA staff scoured the shorelines and managed to collect 9 large bags of rubbish.

The most common item found was plastic drinking bottles, followed by food wrappers and shoes. Prize for the strangest find went to a street lamp located within the mangroves. During the course of the clean-up we also managed to release one giant crab that was tangled in some discarded netting.

Following the beach cleans we took to the water to undertake a reef clean up while the SNPA installed two new mooring buoys within the marine park. The installation of the buoys should discourage people from dropping anchor within the bay and protect the fragile coral colonies located there.

We are happy to report that very little in the way of trash was located underwater but all that we did find was safely removed.

The day was a great success and a huge thank you goes out to everyone involved.

Volunteers and staff with rubbish collected from the beach. The crab released from discarded netting (above).



Eilidh said...

Looks like a great day, I'm dying to do something like this!