Tuesday, April 2, 2013

02/04/13 - Thank You from the Cap T team!

As we welcome in April and wave goodbye to another group of volunteers we look back over the first quarter of 2013.  In 12 weeks the staff and volunteers at Cap Ternay have completed an amazing 186 fish and coral surveys and collected data at 13 different survey sites, along with this we see numerous new Advanced Divers, Coral Reef Researh divers and the much loved Emergency First Response! 
Not to mention of course the amazing Plankton Pull Competion!!! ( See Above)

The last few months have been filled with turtle sightings, snorkel lessons and charity challenges and the odd urchin attack and stubbed toe but all the staff and volunteers have come out smiling!

To all the past volunteers from the last 3 months a huge thank you for what has been a brilliant start to the year! To all of you who will be coming to join us later in the year we look forward to having you and hope the next few months bring as many laughs as the last!

Emily Allen
Cap Ternay Base Manager