Thursday, April 18, 2013

18/04/13 Charlie' Blog

It is now Day 10 of my 2 months here and I can’t believe how fast it has gone! These initial few days have been busy, with lectures on Marine Biology and Surveying which,  have been really helpful, informative and engaging. I am highly looking forward to passing my Invert exams and getting on with surveying the huge variety of species living here. The diving here is fantastic, super clear water, incredible wildlife and amazingly warm water – bath temperature! I am looking forward to diving more of the 24 diving spots available to us! Yet to see a turtle or shark but I keep my hopes up…
Life on base is very friendly and everyone is having an awesome time. I have probably heard enough reggae music in these first days to last a life time, but the atmosphere has been brilliant. The whole group varies duties everyday to keep the camp clean, oxygen flowing, preparing meals and so on… I have had a great first few days and am highly anticipating the next 7 weeks to come! Deep dive tomorrow…

Completing the deep dive