Saturday, April 13, 2013

13/04/13 Working on the Mural

So this has been a pretty hectic week as we say a super sad goodbye to 8 amazing volunteers who are all off on their next adventures. Some are heading out to complete their Divemaster in Thailand, some are completing it in Beau Vallon and some are heading home. Sad times. But the camp soon filled up again with the arrival of 15 new and extremely enthusiastic volunteers!  Since then life has been pretty fun packed on camp, we even had an arrival of a giant centipede, he was a little grumpy and bit poor charlotte!
The new volunteers are settling back into diving super well and are cruising through their Advanced Open Water skills! They have already completed their navigation, naturalist and peak performance dives. So they are going to be surveying the reef in no time!
The community work here has also taken on the challenge of painting a huge wall at the Presidents Village orphanage, so as presumed, that can get a little messy! But the volunteers are doing a fantastic job at painting the design on the wall, so that’s coming along pretty awesome. It’s also good to see the children getting excited over what it’s going to look like.