Thursday, March 10, 2011

04/03/11 Curieuse Marine Week 8

The sun has been shining all week; it has been around thirty to thirty three degrees, keeping us all on our toes now as we have started to study more on the invertebrates. We’ve all been surveying on our own now at the different dive sites in and around the Marine Park, becoming more aware of our surroundings and remembering where all the good mega fauna is. There have been many great dives with wonderful visibility, making surveying a hell of a lot easier for ourselves.

At the weekend Phil, Ashleigh, Emily, Andrew and Willem all went to the Underwater Centre in Mahé to do the PADI Rescue Diver course; we have learned many skills and techniques that will help us provide life saving assistance to panicked, tired or unconcscious divers. The trainning was tough, vigorous but one of the best and most useful dive courses that we have ever undertaken. We have towed divers across rough waves and recovered unconcious divers from the seabed and pulled them safely to the surface – hell, we’ve even been drowned (not literally) by a six-foot-two Seychellois mentor, who showed us the real extreme of panicked divers. Overall, we were tired and beaten by the end of it, but we passed successfully and are now certified PADI Rescue Divers – congratulations, team!

We are all geared up and ready now for our next week of hardc ore surveying - Booyah!