Monday, March 21, 2011

18/03/11 - And it's goodbye from us!

Words to sum up 10 weeks of life on base:

Fish Spot Extraordinaire, Plankton Pull, Photography, Porcupinefish, Awesome 10 Weeks, Fabulous Flowerfish, Pirate Dive, Baby Turtle Valentine, Outdoor Movie Theatre, Observatory, Best Buddy, Manta, Cow Chasing, Destilla Magic, Porridge, Dolphin Diving, Praslin/La Digue, Floatopia, Cap Matoopa, Duty Groups, and of course our devoted love of the ocean and all the life in it.

We are a group of people from all over the world who have come together for different reasons, but leaving with all the same passion for the fish and invertebrate we have grown to love. We have done things from watching a baby turtle swim into the big sea to diving with dolphins. We have experienced becoming pirates, survivors, nerds, ninjas and agents. We loved being able to work with children with families from around the world, kids who may even view us as family. Some came here with no diving experience while others came with years of experience, but we have all left better off. After hours of studying and even more playing, everyone has learned over 100 fish to identify and many are experts with their invertabrae and sea cucumbers.

Many are walking away with a BTEC which shows we are knowledgable in biological science, a few with some bumps and scraps that come with life on base and we all are leaving with giant smiles on our faces with stories and friendships that will last us a lifetime.