Thursday, March 10, 2011

08/03/11 The Seychelles Carnival

So for those of us that didn’t sign up for the rescue diver course we had the first Seychelles International Carnival in 40 years to attend! A great mixture of parades, music and culture, the sheer number of people both local and tourist alike made it much closer in atmosphere to the Rio festival which it undoubtedly drew inspiration from, rather than smallest capital city in Africa which it is!

Kicking off on the Friday with a procession and running smoothly until ending Sunday evening with some local musical talent and school performances, it was one giant street party for all involved, including some staff members who made it onto the local radio station. To raise awareness for the volunteer work we’re doing of course!

Having been well fed by the numerous stands offering everything from burgers and chips to octopus curry and absorbing as much of the party atmosphere as we could, all that was left was to return back to base. When we returned exhausted from such a full on weekend all that was left to do was trade stories with our newly qualified rescue divers and joke about who had the better weekend! It certainly was close, and no one on base would of traded their experiences for anyone else’s.