Wednesday, June 8, 2011

04/06/11 World Environment Day

This Saturday GVI was invited by our partners, The Seychelles National Parks Authority, to attend a children’s fair for World Environment day. The event was hosted in the main children’s playground in Victoria. GVI, SNPA and Save Our Seas (another local partner) joined forces to have one big stand in the designated marine area of the playground. There were a variety of environmental organizations at the event promoting reforestation, water catchment, recycling, school Wildlife clubs and many others.

On the GVI stand we offered activities such as ‘Pin the tail on the Turtle’, trying on scuba equipment, a coral reef creatures colouring competition, and everyone’s favourite - ‘Throwing a wet sponge at the mermaid’s face’. On this occasion the mermaids face was represented by Rodney from SNPA, who did an excellent job of taking the many soggy sponges that were thrown at him!

SNPA had many banners and leaflets giving more information on our very own Baie Ternay Marine Park and also Port Launay Marine Park. They also had a brilliant game where you had to throw a ball into various ‘pollution hotspots’ in the sea painted on a board. This was by far the most popular event in our area, with adults and children alike competing to get that ball in the hole! Some went for strength whilst others went for accuracy, and we did have a few winners who managed to secure themselves a free t-shirt and baseball cap.

Save our Seas had a great deal of books and literature about the marine world and the conservation activities that they fund. These books were enjoyed by children and GVI staff alike, with many of us wanting to take at least one book home with us!

There was a good turn out at the event and it was a great opportunity to strengthen relations with our local partners. Through the activities at the event we hope that the children will have a greater awareness of the environmental issues that face the Seychelles and work towards protecting them in the future.