Monday, June 13, 2011

08/06/11 Curieuse Island - Good Times!

Week 10 and the realisation that our time here is almost to a close - the countdown has begun. Our final week has been spent enjoying what the island has to offer; fun dives at APC, Coral Garden, Point Rouge, Badamier and many more. 2 metre Marble Rays, Eagle Rays, Whitetip Sharks, Turtles, Bumpheads and the odd Octopus have all made an appearance. One particular dive included a de-kit session including clothes... Yes, Curieuse phase 112's first nude dive!

Evening's have been spent reflecting on the good times and we all agree, you know you've been living on Curieuse for too long when........

· Your legs look like they could feature in the next Rob Zombie movie

· Seybrew becomes your beer of choice

· You start having nightmares about chickens

· Dance moves such as ‘the Manta’ and ‘the Crab’ become a feature on most Friday nights

· It becomes acceptable to have more than three chocolate bars a day

· Nicknames are derived from corals, such at hotophyllia and flexiphyllia

· Shoes become uncomfortable and you'd rather go barefoot

· Scottish people develop tans

· Clothes no longer become necessary and mango leaves suffice

· A stubbed toe can lead to a bone infection

· You get excited by small things such as ... carrots!

· You prefer to go to the 'drop off' than a public toilet

· You get to a hotel and catch yourself in the mirror and think it's someone else

· The 'Bommie' also doubles as a dance floor

· Clambering on Dexter is like mimicking a beached whale

· You miss the morning porridge when you're away on weekends

· You've become an expert on how to get burnt in places you never thought you would

· You let fellow Curieuins cut your hair

· When there's bat sex, the generator still on and people talking in the hut during the night you wake up in the morning feeling like it was the best sleep you've ever had

· Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier gets stuck in your head at least once a day

· Waking up at 7:30 is sleeping in, and going to bed at 9:30 is staying up late

· When you learn that there's nothing duct tape can't fix

· You've eaten nothing but bread, pasta and rice for four days straight

· Discussions of cheese and chocolate are fondly referred to as porn

· You lose clumps of hair to branching Acropora

· You pick out your favourite corals in restaurant paintings

· Dated Zoo and Heat magazines become treasured literature

· The ‘OK’ signal creeps into above water conversations

· You put beers in the freezer (off-base) expecting the generator to switch off but instead they actually explode...

· Deet becomes your new scent of choice

· You have been grocery shopping in your wetsuit

· When a water temperature of 27 degrees is considered freezing

· When you spend more time in a boat than in a car

10 weeks seem short for a friendship but in this environment it feels that we have become more like a family than anything else... Good times.