Friday, June 3, 2011

30/05/11 Rescue the Flag

Life on base has been especially physical over the last few days with temperatures dropping to an icy 28°C, double tanker dives, extreme currents and surge infused survey conditions, a highly competitive game of capture the flag and a PADI Rescue Diver course.

Thursday was unlike any other on base with Dani running an excellent activity. Not only were we given a blurb about each of our ‘qualities’ but we were placed into two teams: Sharks and Rays. The battleground extended from the vegetable patch to the breezeway and each team frantically gathered items to protect their fort. The aim was to catch the adversaries team flag resulting in competitors sprinting across the grass, dodging guava trees and ferociously protecting their flags. The sight of water balloons being pelted from the vegetable patch came as a surprise to many. After some skillful running, half the camps furniture destroyed and sneaky tactics the war was called off and a tie was declared.

If that wasn’t enough the majority of the volunteers from both Bay Ternay and Curieuse made their way to Beau Vallon for PADI Rescue Diver training. We spent two days pulling, tugging, towing, carrying and trying our best not to ‘drown’ our fellow volunteers. Dragging ‘victims’ onto the beach from the depths and giving mouth to mouth gave the spectators a real shock while they lazed in the sunshine on this calm Sunday morning. The weekend was a success with us all passing and the majority of us celebrating in style with a meal at Chilli’s.

As the last weekend approaches many of the volunteers will take the chance to visit the tropical island that teases our curiosity each day as it dominates the horizon over the bay. With no roads, no cars, one tractor and a couple of golf buggies the weekend will be spent relaxing in the private pool in our beach side villas, having a sauna, hot tub or just spending the time snorkeling or bush walking.

Will does his best to capture the flag (top). Julia experiences what it feels like to be rescued.