Friday, June 3, 2011

28/05/11 A Flying visit to Bird Island.

For those avid fans of the GVI blogsasphere we have a real treat for you. Adam, John, Simon, Susie and Ness endured a weekend on Bird Island.

After the 25 minute flight on a 20 seater plane, with no trolley service and rubbish in-flight movie we were forced to walk to the hotel from the runway, this was at least 50m and for our effort we were given a fresh fruit cocktail. In order to cool down from the sun on an island 6ยบ south of the equator we were forced into the crystal clear blue waters. Some of the local creatures took an unhealthy interest in us, namely hawks-bill and green turtles, sting rays and a guitar shark. The evening resulted in the island being swamped by thousands sea birds who showing no respect for the guests decided to just land everywhere and pretend we were invisible, we had to walk carefully just to not tread on them. The evening meal was cooked on an open flame and the subsequent meat and fish was devoured enthusiastically, if only to stop the numerous crabs from eating it. The night was spent lying on the air strip and was rudely interrupted by the moon disappearing and the Milky Way illuminating the way, we were caught off guard by dozens of shooting stars. The night ended with a 3am swim while the sea mimicked the sky by the bioluminescent plankton.

Sunset, evening BBQ & the flight home

Sundays snorkel was equally disappointing with a black tip shark, even more turtles, sting rays and a huge thorny-back ray getting in the way of our cameras. The nature walk education was; if you want to be 400 kg and over 230 years old and be a world record then be a tortoise and only eat and sleep. Also in the summer months loads of whales, turtles, dolphins lay siege to the island. The birds continued their night long squawking and indifference to people by allowing the chicks to be left alone and inspected via camera close ups, the parents are no better. The giant tortoises just litter the place and demand that you rub their neck in-exchange for just being in their vicinity.

Once again we had to trek to the runway and board a plane with no; check-in, customs or security, this took about 5 seconds with a runway covering the length of an island 1.5 km long and 750m wide just allowed the aircraft to get in the air. Once again the birds rule as the place as the people plane is made to take off and land following a flight path designed to cause minimal stress to the feathered beasties. Overall a relaxing weekend and to all that visit the Seychelles a place that you should all visit.