Tuesday, May 31, 2011

26/06/11 A Curieuse Adam & Eve Party

We started last weekend with a welcome break in Praslin, after an evening where we saw more of our fellow Curieuse-ites than ever before at the ‘Adam and Eve’ themed party. On Saturday some of us hit the sunloungers at the exclusive hotel on the beach while others, bitten by the diving bug, went out to Booby Island for a fun dive with a local dive shop. We all returned to Curieuse energised and ready to start a busy week of surveying!

Monday got off to a great start when dolphins decided to visit us during a routine survey at St Pierre, giving the calf an introduction to it’s ever grateful spectators. In other exciting news, the new five weekers are now fully fledged Coral Reef Research Divers and have started monitoring along with the rest of us!

Even if we do say so ourselves, our culinary skills have come on leaps ‘n’ bounds - the things we can rustle up with tin of tomatoes and a bag of lentils continues to amaze us. We will return to the modern world with many skills from our time on Curieuse, one of them being the means to cook a full a la carte dinner in the dark when the generator refused to work! The prospect of island life with no light was a sobering whilst we ate our meal stylishly sporting our head torches, however, thanks to the wonderful Calum the generator was back online within the hour.

This weekend will be a busy one as some of us are heading over to Mahé to complete our Rescue Diver course. Watch your back David Hasslehoff, our new found skills will rival any witnessed on the Baywatch set!