Wednesday, May 25, 2011

22/05/11 Birthday's on Curieuse Island

Another week passed here on Curieuse was marked most importantly by three birthdays!!! A full moon 21st for Bridget on the 17th, and a chocolate feast for Sven’s 21st and Calum’s 22nd on the 18th of May – HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!! A warm up weekend kicked off with a Friday night party themed “Freaky Friday the 13th”, cue lots of talc powder and black eye shadow...spooky spooky and lots of fun on the dance floor! A much more laid back weekend ensued, with a lazy trip to Praslin on Saturday and a slightly more energised cross-island trek to Badamier beach on Sunday.

Monday morning camp clean came to an abrupt stand –still when Dan started yelling “Fire!! Fire!!” We all gathered puzzled on the beach wondering what was going on until Nik, Lindsay and Bridget were called to rescue Steve and Cameron lying on the floor in a “smoke filled” kitchen holding a tiny note each......... Cameron’s - “Unconcious, breathing”, Steve’s – “Unconcious, non-breathing”. And indeed, our three newly qualified Emergency Responders saved both boys’ lives! Well done guys J

Monday evening our lovely instructor Jax returned! She only left for a week, to help out at sister site Cap Ternay, but we oh how we missed her J. We also said ‘bye to Tai as he returned to Cap T – we hope to see him back soon, his energy and morning pancakes were pretty damn good!

Coral monitoring continues uninterrupted, and our newcomers are powering through their coral workshops. Sven also made a welcome return to diving after recovering from an ear infection - Hurray! Finally, camp has had a re-vamp! New signs ensure everyone knows where they are, from Curieuse cafe (the kitchen) to the drop off (toilets) via the blow hole (shower)!