Tuesday, May 3, 2011

23/04/2011 Cap Ternay Life

Hello and welcome to the 4th instalment of the blog. As promised we will be introducing another member of the staff but hold your breathe, that is for later.

As some rich people in England were getting married the theme for the BBQ was Royal Wedding, Adam painted his toe nails blue and did the something old, new, borrowed and blue, Amelia dressed up and Simon made no effort (he was one of the lower class minions). 99% of the girls that evening made an effort, we guess they were hoping for their own prince charming to come along, most of the boys had a shower so that counts doesnt it?

More importantly Saturday was an all day beach BBQ , yup you guessed it Beau Vallon, with the Seychelles National Parks Authority. The food was 5 buckets of meat (that is what we were told) some fish, plenty of noodles and rice and best best chilli sauce in the whole world – we kid you not. A beach ball was top priority that morning, so after parting with our money Adam, Colin and Simon had a big bright pink Li-lo, a beach ball and a huge inflatable orca. The new toys were taken to the sea and quickly yet not surprisingly the children took control of them and were thoroughly enjoyed by all. The orca was christened Keith and somehow remained intact all day.

Adam's emotional attachment to the beach ball nearly caused his passing to the next realm, as the wind carried it away he bravely took to the water to retrieve it. A strong wind and a leisurely paced swim, he caught up with it he was out of sight. Luckily Rick flagged a couple of guys on a paddle board who promptly went in search. Adam did not feel he needed help but the guy driving the boat from the Underwater Dive Centre felt differently and came over. So Adam returned with style, blue toe nails and with ball in hand to live another day.


What is the difference between a buffalo and a bison? You cant wash your hands in a buffalo.