Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30/04/2011 A weekend of BBQs on Mahe

This weekend volunteers and staff alike have been treated to a double B-B-Q bonanza! As per usual the weekend starts after the last dive on Friday and this week the theme was…the Royal Wedding! (We like to keep up with the events back home!). We had some beautiful wedding dresses and crowns that had been made from the anything to hand…bedsheets…mosquito nets…you name it! And the boys even smartened up for the occasion, who knew they’d packed shirts?? Some (Adam) thought a little bit more outside the box and went for a unique look of purple sarong (borrowed), flower in hair (new) and painted toenails (blue and yet to be removed…).

The following morning we all packed into a specially hired bus to take us to Beau Vallon to join a Labourday B-B-Q being held by the Seychelles National Parks Authority for their employees and their families. On a part of the beach away from the usual weekend hubbub we enjoyed fantastic creole food and spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach and messing around in the water. At one point one of our inflatable balls started to make its way out to the open ocean so Adam diligently swam after it…for miles. We sent a couple of paddle boarders out to retrieve him and in the end the three of them, the paddle board and the inflatable ball were returned to the beach by a passing dive boat…after that we stuck to the Keith and Steve (the inflatable killer whale and dolphin)...

Unfortunately its week 5 already which means soon we will be saying goodbye to Jack and Steph, so naturally this has to be done in the form of a themed B-B-Q! This Wednesday base will be having a farewell fiesta complete with piƱata, pics will follow next week!