Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10/05/11 From Cap Ternay to La Digue

Well here is the twitadiaryoblog, for our monumental trip to La Digue. Kicking off on a serious note though we must express our gratitude to those who have taken the time to donate to the orphans fund, and a big reminder to those who have not found time please do.

Imagine living on one paradise island and going on holiday to another, well that is what La Digue is like, nothing more to say apart from the highlights.

The three of us, Suzie and Vero caught the speedy boat across to the island it was smooth ride and no harm done, the other Cape Ternay convicts caught the cargo ship from Mahe had a very different experience, all we can say is; Will 'clean your hands' and that Nick does not like waves.

Automated transport is very limited and is dominated by ox and cart, whilst bikes are extremely popular and generally a bit like Triggers Broom (Only Fools and Horses – Google it).

Day 1

The day started with a bike ride and was interrupted a female model photo-shoot on one beach with great 'views', well OK for Adam and Simon. There was rock climbing and fruit smoothies to be had as well.

Day 2

We got to meet most of the fellow convicts from Curiouse Island and went snorkelling it was brilliant, saw turtles, sharks and friendly fish.

That afternoon spent the time sipping cocktails pissing off the honeymooners and enjoying the sunset.

That night our awesome hosts at Petra's Guesthouse, thanks Yasent, prepared the best home cooked Creole food as yet!

Then the night was topped off by drinking on the beach side four poster bed then a night on the dance floor at the only night club Extra..

The return via Praslin went as normal, with 4 hours to kill between ferries, we headed for another beach. Missing the buses and unable to get a taxi, we managed a ride on the back of a truck to the end of the road or the Berjaja Hotel only to be given verbal abuse from a Scottish man called John, who has the miss-fortune of sharing our Dorm. John is having some time off the 10 weeks here with his wife.

The beach was beautiful and the food service took 45 minutes for take out food to be eaten just before we got on the ferry.

Our arrival on base was witnessed by 6 new people fresh onto site on the Friday, I guess we were given the 'opportunity' to be off site to let them settle in.

Quote of the week:

Adam: I need to buy some nail polish remover!!