Tuesday, May 3, 2011

28/04/2011 Murder on Curieuse Island

Last week, a new member of the GVI Seychelles staff was introduced to us to prepare for this week’s murderous games: Annie. She is by far the most promiscuous group member who is always spotted legless and locking lips with various volunteers and staff members. She is our beloved CPR dummy who has helped all of us to become official Emergency First Responders.

On Monday, all the volunteers were lazily studying coral flash cards and chopping veggies for lunch when Jax, our Dive Officer and Rasta Mama, sent us all sprinting to the beach with her bloodcurdling cries for help. There, we saw various staff members scattered across the beach with bloody wounds, writhing in pain and floating facedown and lifeless in the ocean. We instictively jumpstarted into EFR mode, where we swiftly managed to save all of the victims, though it turned out the blood was merely baked beans and Tai has an impressive breath holding ability.

Not even the EFR and beach tragedy could prepare us for the amount of murder victims seen on Curieuse this week. Thursday saw Curieuse’s fifth murder victim taken out with a potato at the dinner table. On Wednesday evening, Cameron, our South African photographer, tragically passed away; the murder weapon? a snorkel at the barbeque pit. The rest of the camp has become more suspicious by the minute, searching for clues on who the murderers could be. More murderers are to be expected until the last one standing will be named the most cunning and bloodthirsty winner of the murder game.