Monday, May 23, 2011

21/05/11 Cap Ternay Snorkel Weekend

The Friday night BBQ pub quiz was a tame affair for many except the few that decided to stay up to 4:30am despite the strict rules laid out by Simon “In bed by 11pm”. The party was led by Simon and Tai in a party of 8 with 4 out of the 6 that started making it to the finish line of the Fancy Dress Mega Snorkel, with Simon coming joint first with Suzie in a heroic 90 minutes. Brian and Steph never left the start line and with Jenny making it 39 minutes into the snorkel then showing us her dinner from the night before. The rest of us completed the 3.5 miles from back beach to front beach, a casual 10 min walk on land between them.

The costumes were diverse with such hits as “Where’s Wally”, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, South Africans, The Canadian Trons, a surfer, a ballerina, cross dressing men, Ro fan club and Brian. Some of the charity go getters decided to paint themselves with yacht paint which also serves as an excellent sun block leaving some thought-provoking and enduring sun tans. With the best being the permanent “#1 Champ” engraved on Colin’s back. The afternoon was spent refueling with some spending their time in the bathroom removing said paint with petrol and elbow grease screaming in pain as their nipples were burning. Over all the Mega Snorkel was a success with us reaching our goal of £750 for the Orphans of President Village. We thank everyone that donated to this cause and if you would still like to donate the site is open for another month at Http: