Tuesday, May 3, 2011

01/05/2011 Cap Ternay gets a Facelift

Well finally the paintings are done in the male bathrooms and the female bathroom is underway with the paint throwing completion. There is more paint on the floor, hands and roof then on the wall, lucky we have lots of white to touch up the parts that should be white.

In the male bathroom we have Wally the showering Whale Shark, Terry the bathing Turtle, Shawn the teeth brushing Shark, Mervin the newspaper reading Manta and Carl the censored Crab and they are all looking vibrant cheering up the bathrooms for many to come and shower in the refreshing cold water. There is a couple of touch ups required but we are waiting for Grace the Whale Shark expert to venture up to the male bathroom to put her finishing touches on Wally the Whale Shark

There is also further painting and chalk projects underway the only problem is that our artist Malcolm has packed up and left camp. We are hoping that another artist joins us next week when we receive 6 new eager 5 weekers



Anonymous said...

hey cru, tha toilet paintings look first class!!!!and the pictures of the island look amazing!!! keep em cummin!!! friday nights sound sick!!! lova ya zoe!!