Thursday, October 6, 2011

05/10/11 The Curieuse Adventure Begins

Expedition life on Curieuse has certainly been “different” than expected. After the recent shark attacks in the Seychelles, all marine volunteers (and all water activities for that matter) have been moved to the GVI base on Mahe – Cap Ternay. This, including our THREE staff members has left us with a team consisting of grand total of FIVE. However, this is not a disadvantage as it does mean we can spread out over the entire accommodation block.

It is good to hear that the UK is basking in glorious sunshine as we are experiencing torrential horizontal rain, lightning and thunder (the likes of which have never been heard before) – not what we were expecting from out paradise island. Although we have been assured that this will give way to blissful sunshine and bluebird skies in the next day or two.

We have managed to complete our very first turtle survey which included an “adventurous” trek through the Giant Tortoise reserve, spectacular views of the Islands mountains and bays and concluded with multiple in water turtle sightings. We were also fortunate enough to locate turtle tracks on their way to potential nests (although the pressure was on to record the data before all evidence was obliterated by the unforgiving rain).

A good start to phase though and we have already been rewarded with glorious sunsets and Island cuisine.