Thursday, October 20, 2011

19/10/11 Tracks, tracks and more tracks!

The last week has flown by, with the welcomed accompaniment of the hot African sun. A true highlight of this week was witnessing a hawksbill turtle nesting! So absorbed were we in scouting for tracks, that we nearly stumbled right on top of her. Whilst laying a recorded 100 eggs, the turtle was in a trance like state which allowed us to get close enough to monitor her activity and identify her marker tags. This particular Hawksbill was tagged on Curieuse 10 years ago. After having spent a few weeks on Curieuse ourselves, we can see why she keeps coming back. After the excitement of watching a turtle lay eggs right before our very eyes, we continued our beach patrol and discovered many more tracks of both Green and Hawkbill turtles (many of which had also nested).

The weekend gave us an opportunity to explore some of Seychelles other tropical Islands – La Digue. As is customary on this quaint island, we explored on rented bikes. Although to us seasoned conservationist a flushing toilet did seem like luxury, it was lovely to get back to the idyllic island we live on – Curieuse.