Monday, October 17, 2011

14/010/11 The Sun shines on Curieuse Island

Today has been a glorious day of sun! Not only a prime opportunity to dry out those wet clothes, but a positive turn from our previous wet spell.

Despite the showers, this week we managed to record 20+ turtle tracks of multiple species. A definate highlight to the week was a turtle swimming along side us as we identified and recorded tracks and nesting sites along the beach.

Tuesday saw us dive right in and survey Coco de Mer palm tress. Having quite literally thrown ourselves into the mountain wilderness, we recorded 15 palms and are rarering to get out there again next week and beat our record. Just doing our bit for the 5 year task of recording them all.

Our third task is surveying the mangroves (and one I look forward to the most). After laying out our transect lines, we record all of the species of mangroves within range. After surveying almost 100m of transect, we are making good progress. Thankfully it was during low tide which meant we escaped the squelching mud –this time.

This first week of surveying has been a learning process but now the intrepid duo are ready and rareing to put all of our newly found knowledge into practise.