Monday, October 1, 2012

30/09/12 My first few days in the Seychelles

Coming from the cold north east of England I started my travels with expectations of a tropical paradise, sandy beaches, and awesome people.  After arriving on base at Cap Ternay I soon realized that I had all of these thing and so much more.  The staffs are warm and welcoming and the volunteers are like-minded and are all here for the right reasons.   Before here I learnt how to dive in the freezing unforgiving North Sea and the past few days I have been in awe of the abundance of life in the warm beautiful Indian ocean, learning new skills and having a heap of fun. My new dorm mates are really cool. Some new and some have been here for a while we talk about our past travels and why we are here. They are really helpful and friendly. Hi to Naomi’s Mom who she said reads the GVI blog all the time.

I am already in love the surroundings here it is so peaceful. I feel so lucky to be a part of the direct impact GVI is having here in Seychelles.