Thursday, October 18, 2012

18/10/12 Life on Our Island

As the 4-weekers stay is slowly coming to an end, each day appears to be not just more colourful, but also more surprising on Curieuse Island.
Friday morning, heading to Grande Anse we stopped at the Rangers’ Station, where, to everyone’s pleasure we were introduced to Alisha, the 2 month old tortoise hatchling who is being looked after by a protective gang of rangers.
Moreover, our efforts of waking up early carried on being rewarded, as arriving to Grande Anse the sight of a Hawksbill turtle covering her nest in the rain shower welcomed us.
Same day on our way back to the base was not lacking of heroic moments, either, since we had to rescue our second boat “Midge” - its engine proved to be rather lazy than powerful. Finishing off the action a quite rarely seen dolphin swam merrily by us.
After our relaxing weekend at the Acajou resort on Praslin, which is a true seventh heaven even for vegetarians, on Monday morning turned out, that 6 turtles did leave ‘puzzles’ behind themselves during the weekend. Their tracks all disappeared with the tide and only their mess was left behind. As a conclusion 5 successful nests were found.
Today is “Wow! Wednesday” 17th! From the distance we have already spotted a sunbathing shark in the extremely low spring tide, and now let’s see what the beach of Badamier has got to uncover for our snorkel trip ... Exciting!

                  Juvenile Giant Tortoise