Thursday, October 4, 2012

04/10/12 Sumo Wrestling Seychelles Style

Salam from Indonesia. After the recent rain, at long last, the sun is back again. Sunbathing was unavoidable for us, got to work on our tan! The visibility in our bay was getting much better as well and at last we can finally go back to our "secret" beach.
Secret beach is just located north east from our bay, it's just a 30mins snorkel and you will be spoiled by many amazing creatures along the way (don't expect to be there in 30mins though; you will be swimming in every direction to follow turtles or rays or even sharks on the way there). Once you get there, you can enjoy a breathtaking view from the top of the rock or swim in the lagoon, if you can find the secret passage! Or after a great barbecue the night before, do nothing but laze about on the beautiful white sandy beach.
One of my favourite underwater encounters on the way there was a common species usually glimpsed inside a coral, the armored knight of the sea - the painted reef lobster. Seen on almost every dive, I never get bored to meet such a beautiful creature, usually, the lobster antennae and the head may be all that's visible, so you really need to pay close attention to it. While swimming back from the beach, I encountered a group of devil rays swimming just 2m away from me. The "meeting" lasted not even a minute or so, but I will never forget it, when such amazing creatures swim so close to me, I feel the connection which lasts forever.
Enough of the marine creatures, let’s go back to the secrets of our "secret" beach. I must say, this magical playground is able to bring you back to your childhood! From building a sand castle, playing hide and seek, or even making a sumo ring and have a sumo competition! After all, no one is around and no one really cares. As long as you enjoy yourself there, everyone will have a great time and laugh together in this charming and peaceful beach.
Here in the base, far from a city light, face to face with raw marine environment, just prepare your mind to be blown away by how amazing life in Seychelles is. Escapism is effortless!!

                                                        Painted lobster in Baie Ternay