Thursday, October 18, 2012

18/10/12 Seychelles Regatta

This week the annual Seychelles Regatta was held. The night started with an amble to the bus stop from base and I can never get over how beautiful the walk is. At the right point you can see right over the bay and to the surrounding islands and scenery.
The Regatta is held in the beautiful area of Beau Vallon right on the beach… (although pretty much anywhere you go is right on the beach)

We started off the evening with a plodge (paddle) in the sea and a gossip on the white sand. The sunset was even more beautiful with a glass of Takamaka rum in your hand. After watching the sun go down all bellies were rumbling and we decided to go in search of some yummy creole food. There was definitely plenty to choose from! At about 9pm the party really got started. On a grassy area near the sand a stage had been set up. The live music was great and by 9:30pm we were all dancing enthusiastically soaking up the atmosphere in the crowds. We all interspersed boogying with relaxing and chatting on the beach checking out all the other events that were taking place, such as a local football tournament, live cooking, volleyball, boat parties being held off shore and many more.

When we were all suitably merry we got a small surprise from the erratic Seychelles weather at this time of year, a huge rainstorm! At first we were slightly perturbed but after we saw it making no difference to the locals we soon got into the swing of things and the dancing kicked up a level.
After much, much more dancing some of us being more tired than others, half ended up at the local nightclub and the rest decided that their feet were knackered from dancing all night long. Regardless of what path you chose, the night ended on a high and definitely not one we are going to forget any time soon.