Tuesday, August 16, 2011

14/08/11 Goodbye to Marvin

A hasty farewell to our colleagues from the last 5 weeks was followed 2 hours after by the arrival of six new volunteers – Mervi, Cedric, Frederick, Nadia, Isabella and Dan. The remaining Curieuse inhabitants were excited and thrilled to be meeting the new budding biologists for the next 5 weeks, and gave the new arrivals a warm welcome to our beloved home.

A chilled out three day weekend ensued for the 10 weekers, whilst a jam-packed three days of lectures, orientations and diving was waiting for the 6 newcomers. Although the past week has been challenging for the latest volunteers, they have fitted well and have become part opf the family – even though we still miss our departed companions dearly, a figurative hole has now been filled in our community by the new arrival.

The past week therefore has been extremely hectic, and has consisted mainly of EFR and Advanced Open Water Training for the newcomers and a lot of survey dives for the old timers. Volunteers and staff a like are looking forward to a well deserved weekend, and hoping the somewhat rainy weather will improve soon!

We also feel we have the duty to inform friends, family and future volunteers that our resident palm spider ‘Marvin’ tragically passed away two days ago. Volunteers are taking the loss well but we have all been deeply hurt by the unexpected event.

With love fom Curieuse..