Thursday, August 4, 2011

30/07/11 Happy Birthday Joseph!

Sunday started bright and early for 8 volunteers, who set sail for the open ocean to catch some fish for dinner. After half a day of fishing the guys had successfuly caught 10 fish that were cooked up for everyone. Meanwhile... Edd, Georgie, Jan and Hanna stayed in a beautiful bungalow on Praslin. The views were simply awe inspiring, and so were the hot showers .

This week we collected the first scientific data from surveying the reefs. It feels great that we are now really starting to make a difference by monitoring the target species. We have all turned into complete fish nerds and are able to identify and survey over 100 species of marine organisms.

Some dives have elicited exciting surveys as rare species are seen for the first time, such as Jan’s spot of an Indian Ocean Teardrop Butterflyfish which I for one was convinced didn’t exist. Other dives have not been so abundant, such as Tarjei managing to spot not a single Invert on the belt this afternoon.

Highlight of this week is going to be our trip to La Digue this weekend, where we can celebrate Joe’s birthday for the second time, relax, sleep in, have as many hot showers as we want and hopefully swim with plenty of sea turtles.