Thursday, August 25, 2011

23/08/11 Still time to donate after the Amazing Race

We’re exhausted. The evil dictator, Mr. Mason-Parker, has out-done himself this weekend by sending us running around the island picking up a few personal items… breadfruit, burgers from Sun Coco (none of which made it back to base without a few bites missing), inflatable crocodiles… The first tasks for the first day were 1) take a photo with three people on top of Cap Matoopa, 2) take a photo of two people with a tortoise, 3) eat a Sun Coco burger on a crocodile, 4) build a turtle sand castle on the Beau Vallon beach and 5) buy a Coco de Mer postcard. As eventful as the first day was, despite “no-one taking it seriously”, it culminated in five teams ending up on the same bus heading back to Port Launay – resulting in a painful 3km run back over the hills. Quite the mission. Team Batfish proved their worth and finished first, a good four minutes in front of The Stingrays. It was a whole hour before The Sea Slugs rolled up on base. After exhaustion had set in and the post passive Friday night BBQ in the history of GVI Seychelles, Day Two came much too early. By this time, various injuries had accumulated Dane ( Team Batfish) had had a shard of rock in his eye after shoveling coconuts in the days leading up to the race, and more people than I can count had massive blisters that had their own gravity. So it goes. Yet Day Two still arrived with our new missions from Herr Dictator. The tasks for Saturday were 1) take a photo, with masks and snorkels, of three people with a cow, 2) collect a breadfruit from around base, 3) take a photo of two people on Secret Beach, 4)draw the GVI logo on Takamaka beach, 5) take a photo on another island. With the teams leaving as they arrived (first leaves first, last leaves last etc.), we all knew that winning came down to who you knew, not what you did. Hence, the massive turn of tables, when The Sea Slugs finished hours before anyone else – they had gotten a lift down south to Takamaka (and back. And everywhere in between) from a friend. This left The Turtles and The Batfish fighting for second – which, yet again, ended in a run from Port Launay. As Kris and Dane were injured and therefore couldn’t swim, Liz and Holly were left racing Spencer and Chris back to base to complete the (almost) 2km snorkel that awaited them. As it was, The Turtles succeeded in nabbing second place, with Team Batfish finishing close behind.

All in all, it was a great weekend and an awesome way of raising money for our Charitable Trust – The President’s Village Orphanage in Port. We’re getting close to our target of 1000 pounds (almost 700 now), so IF ANY OF YOU HAVE NOT DONATED YET, PLEASE DO AT! The link will be working for the next few weeks.

Peace out.

The sharks on top of Cap Matoopa

The Batfish catch a ride