Tuesday, August 16, 2011

15/08/11 The Amazing Race - Meet The Teams

With the GVI Seychelles Amazing race less than a week away we thought it was about time we introduced you to the teams that will be battling it out around Mahe; so here they are.

First up is the Sea Slugs made up of base manager and team Captain Rowana Walton, Gerry Iobi, Savinien Leblond and Laura Balsa. They might be called the Sea Slugs but don’t be deceived, this team of molluscs are hoping to leave the other teams trailing behind them.

The Turtles are lead by Emily Allen and include Spencer Toohey, Simona Allen and Chris MacCarthy. This mix of experience and youth together with Emily’s knowledge of Mahe Island should see the turtles looking to set the early (cara)pace.

The Barracudas are Tegan Freeburn, Julie Moir, Adam Baugh and Marion Hansen and they will surely be snapping at the heels of the leaders.

The Stingrays are captain Lee ‘Lethal’ Cassidy, Bianca op den Brouw, Matt Smith, and Paul Paulini. All four are confident of success and hope to flatten the competition and ‘rays’ the trophy come Saturday afternoon.

Batfish captain Elizabeth Harris hates to lose and expects to be winging her way to victory, so the rest of her team Kris Miles, Holly Urquhart and Dane Foster better be prepared to push themselves to the limit.

The Seahorses are made up of Grace Frank, Niki Piesinger, David Allen and Dhana Mannheim. These equine athletes plan to gallop into an early lead and if they can keep their noses in front could win at a canter.

The Eels captain Brian Kneafsey is betting on his team to win. Josh Tober, Dani Settler and Maddy Cole make up the quartet hoping to wriggle their way to first place.

The sharks include Joe Daniels, Emma Kirley, Jamie Jankowski, and Niklaus Denier. Let’s hope they haven’t bitten off more than they can chew!

Please support your favourite team by pasting the link into your browser. We really need your help to raise important funds for the President's Village Children's Home : http://www.justgiving.com/Chris-Mason-Parker0



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