Monday, August 22, 2011

20/08/11 Sea Slugs claim victory in Amazing Race

For two days they battled it out, covering every inch of Mahe island in a desperate bid to complete their tasks and make it back to the Cap Ternay research base. They fought the elements as the rain gods plotted against them, they fought each other, but most of all they pushed themselves to the limit.
Saturday's tasks included writing their team names on a beach at the south of the island, collecting breadfruit from high up in the trees, making there way to another island, snorkeling to a secret beach and posing for a photo with a cow! If it sounds odd, that is because it was and who knows what the locals thought as the contenders zig-zagged their way through the streets of Victoria in a desperate bid to have their photo taken while eating a burger sat on a Crocodile?

In the end there could only be one winner and congratulations go out to the Sea Slugs who true to their nature left everyone else trailing behind them. A combination of cunning and contacts seeing them home ahead of the Turtles and the Batfish in second and third. Despite the weather, the weekend was great fun, and we have come out the otherside with stronger friendships and fond memories. Most importantly we have so far raised nearly 700 pounds for the Predident's Village. There is still time to donate so if you have not already please help us reach our final goal.

The Stingrays make it to the top of Cap Matoopa

The Turtles manage to locate a cow

The Barracudas with Giant Tortoise

The Sea Slugs make it to another island

The Batfish eat their burgers while sat on a crocodile