Monday, March 5, 2012

04/05/12 The End is Near

This week has been an interesting one in


With a total of 4 hatchings this week, all of which were found today (by a marine volunteer for the record) and in all honesty we didn’t beat the current record set for the most amount of Coco De Mers surveyed (99 is the number to beat) but as ever it has still been a great week on Curieuse. With us terrestrials almost finishing all of the mangroves, a weekend that will be in all the volunteers’ memories for ever and also a lot of improvements round base.

We are so close to finishing the whole of the mangroves section, this week we have surveyed a whopping 935 metres which means we just have the edges to survey which can easily be done in a day. This has sent our team moral through the roof as we are so happy to have achieved such a big thing.

Also this weekend all the volunteers took a trip to La Digue and literally had an epic time. It was so good it even gets its own blog.

And a few base improvements including a more sturdy and sophisticated basket ball hoop which just so happens to be square but is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Also more solar panel parts have arrived so fingers crossed it won’t be too long before solar energy can be used during the day. This would supplement our electricity which would be a big bonus.

And finally a much needed poo path is currently being installed which means buckets of water (which are needed to flush the toilet) can be collected much more conveniently via this path which directly links the sea to the toilet. Big win.

We are all looking forward to another week and really don’t want to face going home soon.

Over And Out.