Thursday, March 29, 2012

29/03/12 The Cap Ternay Charitable Trust Challenge

Thank you to the volunteers and sponsors who made Cap Ternay Challenge & Cheers for Charity a huge success! 12 hours of challenges (including everything from hiking to the highest point on Mahe to making a dance video at the orphanage we are raising money for) started at Baie Ternay Marine Park and ending up on a sunset cruise in Saint Anne’s Marine Park.

The all day, all night charity event raised a generous £936 so far through event tickets and online donations. The website will still be up for another week:

Shoe stealing, a rigid flag, strategic slow start, illegal hitchhiking, a nun, Rodney, fabric toilet seat cover, Barbara Streisand, Pirates Arms, ROPE SWING! and a day-with-Joe raffle, were all part of the ridiculousness and fun. Check out the photos to see for yourself.

THANK YOU to the volunteers and sponsors who made our March 2012 fundraising event a so amazing!