Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21/03/2012 Cap Ternay Fundraising Challenge!

Challenge & Cheers for Charity!

Six teams of volunteers and staff are excitedly preparing team outfits and flags getting ready for Thursday’s main event, although they still don’t know exactly what they’re in for! Teams were announced late last week:

Mantis Shrimps – Lee C, Charlotte, Elie, Dan, Xander

Bohadschias – Lee B, Alle, Johan, Callum, Robin

Blackeye Rabbitfish – Joe, JoCo, Tom, Mark, Sophie

Drupellas - Emily, James, Glyn, Nadia, Chris

Sea Stars – Grace, Simon, Jordan, Louie, Carly

Galaxeas – Tessa, Kim, Sarah T, Brianna, Sarah P

The Galaxea girls are planning something with glitter and the Drupellas have been seen sewing sashes. (Well James and Chris were sewing sashes while Glyn asked “what’s a sash?”, and Nadia opted for data entry over sewing). Other teams have flags and headbands in the works. Office supplies are even harder than usual to locate… until you remember to look on the balcony where teams are converging to work on their coordinating outfits.

Thursday’s challenges are still a secret and will be announced just before they start. All the volunteers know is they better be ready to start at 9am on Thursday because they’ll be racing all over Mahe for 12 hours, completing challenges to earn points.

The event itself should be lots of fun but more importantly, it is a fundraising event for GVI Cap Ternay’s nomindated charity - the President’s Village Children’s Home in Port Glaud. Participants here at Cap Ternay will be giving some donations on the ground to the Charitable Trust. But friends, family and fans around the world can also support our cause by donating online. Please go to our fundraising page -

The funds raised go to support our work with orphaned, neglected and abused children who reside at the President’s Village Children’s Home. GVI’s two year partnership has included a bi-weekly snorkel club for the older kids, splash sessions in the ocean for the younger set, full day carnivals for the kids and a Christmas party where each child received a gift (some receiving something personal for the first time). This will be our fourth major fundraising event.

Stay tuned for pictures and results from Thursday’s challenge & cheers for charity!