Thursday, March 15, 2012

15/03/12 Pizza Perfection

Unwillingly we seem to be hurtling towards the end of the 12 weeks for this phase and the other bad news is that the fearsome weather that has been impacting Madagascar has seemingly not left the Seychelles completely untouched. For most of the week there have been determined faces aboard Manta as we made our way to dive sites despite torrential rain, stormy skies and a I-need-my-sea-legs-for-this-one sea conditions, all untypical for this time of year and making visibility below the surface poor – however diving morale has not been affected!

This week saw the completion of the pizza oven on the grounds and Luigi-Lee got stuck in to turning out some of the best pizzas on the island in minutes! In fact, now that the end product has been sampled by most, pizza could even replace Thursday night’s usual barbeque after popularity pools have been taken!

The four new arrivals to camp have very quickly become immersed in life on base and seem to have hit the ground running. We would of course like to accredit this exclusively to the hard work of the staff and support of current volunteers but it probably also has something to do with a good show of commitment from their side from the word go.

There was some cause for reflection on Monday when the stormy conditions washed up a Green turtle carcass on nearby Port Launay beach. The turtle appeared to have been the prey of a shark earlier that same morning and this put into context how quickly a turtle can fall victim to the natural food chain as opposed to many human-related dangers which volunteers hold top of mind when working in the field.

On a final note, we again welcome the new arrivals and look forward to getting back to the kind of weather the Seychelles is famous for and which tends to make those in colder regions of the world that little bit envious.