Thursday, March 29, 2012

29/03/12 Week Eleven at Cap Ternay

It’s the end of week Cap Ternay 11 here at for all of us 12 weekers. We can’t believe how quickly the weeks have gone. Unfortunately our time in the Seychelles is coming to an end. On a more positive note the Dive Masters are getting very excited to move into their new flats in Beau Vallon and start their internships at the 3 local dive shops!!! The weeks continue with most of the same…. survey diving and our weekly duties to keep things running smoothly on base. The 4 volunteers who arrived almost 3 weeks ago have settled in nicely (too bad 2 of them have to say good bye at the same time as all the 12 weekers), a couple have already started surveying!!!!!! Congratulations to Sophie and Chris! It’s only a matter of time before Carly and Sarah P are surveying too.

This past weekend GVI Seychelles held a fundraiser for their Charitable Trust. Everyone on base, volunteers and staff included, participated in a full day of challenges. Thanks to Liz for organizing an exciting day that took teams all over Mahe. The atmosphere on base was buzzing with the thrill of competition. On the morning of the fundraiser everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by Liz and Ro. After breakfast each team received their list of challenges and the competition began. All teams were even leaving base but once we all reached Port Glaud, teams parted ways and hopped on different buses heading all over the island. A couple of ambitious teams opted to make the steep hike up to the top of the tea factory while everyone else opted for the less physically demanding challenges. Some of which included visiting a number of beaches all over Mahe, posing in front of the movie theatre and clock tower, visiting the local dive shops and taking a photo in the middle of the Victoria Market. At the end of the day we all met down at the Ferry Port where we set sail on a sunset cruise. The high lights of the cruise included a delicious Creole dinner and an amazing rope swing! Many of the volunteers and a few brave staff members tried out the rope swing. Some had much more graceful landings than others! By the end of the night everyone had exchanged their stories from the day. No matter which route a team took the result was the same…. memories were made that will last a lifetime.I would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of everyone here at Cap Ternay for all your wonderful support so far. Donations are still being accepted and can be made at