Thursday, March 8, 2012

07/03/12 Turtles, Pizza Ovens and Carnival

Coming to the end of eight weeks now and January seems like a long time ago. Three people are leaving and 4 more are joining. It’s a sad day when people go as everybody has made new friends, some maybe lifelong ones. But on the up side the four new ones will add to camp life in their own special ways.

We have some excitement this week as the “new” pizza oven has grown out of the ground. It’s been built in the “flintstone style” as it fits in nicely with the rest of the camp. A brand new shiny one would not look right and wouldn’t have the same feeling of satisfaction that comes from building something with locally sourced materials at a fraction of the cost. The pizza probally won’t have the same taste either. This weekend might see the first pizza cooked in it so look out for the picture of the first pizza in next week’s blog.

The Seychelles had its annual carnival last weekend and most of the camp got to go and see it. The floats were amazing and the atmosphere , well you had to be there . The party continued into the early hours of the morning with so much cooked food it was hard to resist and amazing bands playing along side the D.J ‘S. After three days Victoria needed a huge cleanup operation to get it looking good again, but it’s only once a year.

Plankton pulls continue to bring out the competitive nature in people. The girls go for it just as hard as the boys. The “old uns” people over a certain age who maybe have more to prove, have come up with some pretty good times .The “young uns” have been left muttering about rough seas, slippy ropes wobbly boats and so on. After all no one wants to be beaten by a grandad do they?

The diving has been really good this week despite a bit of left over monsoon weather, with lots of white tips and turtles showing up. With the weather changing to the quieter season of the year it should only improve for the people here and those on the way.

Work is under way on the pizza oven