Tuesday, February 8, 2011

05/02/11 Just Another Week in Paradise

We have started doing two dives most days so that we can get through the knowledge part as fast as possible and get on to surveying very soon. Harry is now diving regularly and Josie will hopefully be diving again with us on Tuesday, continuing to do snorkel fish spots in the meantime.

On Wednesday a sea turtle expert, Georgia from the Marine Conservation Society of the Seychelles in Mahé, came over to answer all the questions we have had about the amazing turtles we have been seeing and tell us more about the devestating human impact from fishing and building hotels. She led us on turtle walks and we recorded data from the turtle tracks we saw.

More importantly to one of us in particular, Wednesday was Australia day! We celebrated by being led by our Aussie in a big game of beach volleyball and by putting another (whatever meat we could find) on the barbi.

Later in the week, on a dive at Anse Papaie, we spotted a group of 5 massive bumphead parrot fish, as well as a very large marble ray.

Dorm 1 made progress in our unoffical ‘pimp our dorms’ competition by building a magnificent shelf, but is still lagging far behind Dorm 2.

On Friday, we had a super heroes and super villans theme with Emily and Jakob out doing the other volunteers with their Lara Croft and Zorro costumes. However, all of us volunteers were far out done by the staff, with Josh’s tight Batman/Scuba Steve costume, Jax’s Rainbow Brite costume, and last but not least, Dan in a perfect Superman attire consisting of tights, ladies underwear, a rash vest, and a proper cape.