Friday, February 11, 2011

10/02/11 One Marine and Two Terrestrials Climbing a Hill

Blimey, blog five here already!

Looking back over the last five weeks, with big cheesy grins about what we’ve experienced!

Obstacles and plenty of them on the way over the ridge of Curieuse to Caiman Point! Worth it, of course!

Goodbye to a ‘marine’. He will be greatly missed for both his witty personality and cullinary skills!

Fun dives and snorkels near Booby – it is the name of the island I am not making it up! what every inch of this island is…
Views from the top. A…MAZING!! Do it, if you ever get the opportunity! (See photos)
Excited (getting) about what the next five weeks will hold in store for us…

OK! There you have it - five weeks already done and dusted. WOW, that went fast!

Now time for a few well-earned days off. Personally, I will be heading straight for the spa followed by a dinner that will be cooked and cleared away by somebody else!!

The Extra Special Blog…’Read All About It’:

‘One Marine and Two Terrestrials Climbing a Hill’.

On Sunday we ventured out of bed for a 7.45am departure, our mission was to reach the highest point on Curieuse and then along the ridge to Caiman Point.

We walked our well-known route to the Coco de Mer and then the fun started!

We traversed over rocks, Coco de Mer leaves, past prickly palms and super sharp pampas grass. Moving/falling rocks were sometimes an issue, though we left enough space between us so as not to cause ‘death by rock’, I JEST!!

Half way up I stop, turn around, ‘OMG, fricking fantastic view gals, get up here NOW, frick, frick frick’!! You get the idea - this was of course then the theme for the whole morning!

We were at the ‘highest’ point by 8.50am and extremely happy with ourselves. Beautiful light caused by the slight overcast sky and the rays reaching the sea far away in the distance, made for many photos to be taken. A well deserved refreshment spot consisting of mini cheddar type nibbles, oranges and chocolate biscuits, oh and some water!!

We then headed over some tough terrain as we made our way to Caiman Point, I lost my footing and bunny hopped three times into one of those spiky palms…not recommended, though it provided the others with a laugh! We discovered a grassy meadow which we skipped through (more like weeds but it was a grassy green carpet to us!). Up over a rock plateau and there it was, Caiman Point in all it’s glory, with the sea crashing below and the welcoming sea breeze, so needed after a 2 hour hard slog of navigation!!!

Photo opportunity, lovely chocolate biscuits and a well deserved victory lolly and breathe…!!

Next, we had to head down 138m back to sea level. I lead the way over some bouncy fern, not really knowing where the ground was, but felt fully supported (honest guv!)! Past the Coco de Mer (found some lovely nuts and larger trees due to the dense undergrowth!) over some rocks, through some other trees (literally) via several cobwebs (disadvantage of being first!). At this point I am convinced we emerged onto a ‘natural pathway’ though the other two still can’t quite believe I was being serious, maybe it was the heat!!!

This part of the adventure was super tough and super hot but eventually the sound of the sea and the breeze that comes with it could be felt…interestingly this is where the other two decided to speed up somewhat! They stormed it through the marshy grass and just as I spotted the beach and sea… SCREAMS could be heard for miles around, screams of pure joy and relief, we had made it in one piece. :)

Enjoy the photos and see you back here soon as our new terrestrial buddies are introduced.