Monday, February 28, 2011

28/02/11 Curieuse Terrestrial Fun

Week Two for us newcomers has arrived in a flash. We have really gotten to grips with the surveying of the Coco De Mer trees and have started our work there in earnest. The view from the high point where the Coco De Mer trees grow is stunning.

After a small amount of organisation, we are going to start our work in the Mangroves soon. We will be recording the species of Mangrove trees we that find within sections we divide the mangroves into, called transects.

The snorkelling has given us good results with at least a couple of turtle sightings every time; the amount of wildlife we see whilst snorkelling has fast made it an extremely enjoyable activity. The turtle-nesting season is ending but we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will see some more on the beach and tracks have been sighted.

Life on camp is relaxed and comfortable; I stayed on our island, Curieuse, for the duration of my first weekend off and it was very pleasant, reading has fast become a popular past time. Others went to the adjacent island of Praslin to use the internet or buy personal items; on the weekends we can explore as much as we like and I hope to see more of the Seychelles before my time here comes to an end. The second week for us newcomers is going well and it does not look like that will change in a hurry.