Monday, February 28, 2011

26/02/11 Curieuse Week Six

The long weekend is gone, the newbies have arrived and so has the last stretch of the phase. At the end of the first five weeks we all took some time out; some chilled out in swimming pools, being waited on hand and foot, others explored the main island Mahé, enjoying the views during the day and exploring the night life.

After a relaxing weekend (well, for some) we all needed to kick back into the swing of things and ready ourselves to very nearlyactually start monitoring fish. We are almost there!

Andrew, our new marine addition, is flying through his advanced open water dives and will be joining us soon.

A rescue mission was on the cards this week, when a nest of hatchlings were found collappsed in on one of the turtle walks. Nevertheless, we got those little guys into the ocean to start their monsterous journey out to see.

Friday night was nationality with some costume designs or all sorts from all places. While the weekend for some was relaxing and others, a very exciting bush bashing hike into the wilderness.

So, the camp is now full and it’s great to have a few new faces and great personalities to add the Curieuse camp. Therefore, we would like to say a big warm ‘welcome!’ from all of us to Andrew, Sam and Paul.

Until next week...