Tuesday, February 22, 2011

18/02/11 New Curieuse Team

I can confidently say that our first week has exceeded all the expectations of us three newbies, Sam, Andrew and myself Paul. We woke up bright and early on Friday ready to all be picked up by the GVI team (well Andrew may have spent a good few hours lost on mahe and missed the first ferry but everyone is here now). The base is amazing, right on the beach and full of hand made base projects (including seating, veggie patches and a volleyball court made out of vine) and very friendly volunteers. We were welcomed in with a few presentations before we experienced our first turtle walk, turtle snorkle and Coco de Mer walk. The main memory for me in this week will definitely be our third snorkle where incredibly we saw 6 turtles and followed two for a good hour. We also saw many rays, moray eels and two schools of cuttle fish. We are yet to see a nesting turtle so that is definitely next on the list. I’m truly having a great time and have much to look forward to. Above is a photo of our new terrestial team!