Tuesday, February 22, 2011

17/02/11 Cap Ternay First Times

There’s a first time for everything. For us ‘five-weekers,’ the past week has been full of first times…

First time arriving in the Seychelles is a treat in itself. Touching down on this paradise island is magical.

First time arriving in the Cap Ternay Research Base has at least the same impact. It is a small village in its own, run by the eight staffmembers and populated by nineteen volunteers (us newbies included).

First time getting to remember all the ten-weekers’ names can get a bit mind boggling, though. There’s little time for this, because the fish ID training starts right away. More names and ‘faces’ to learn, though both excersises are quite alike.

“It has a disk-shaped body, with diagonal black lines coming from a broad black band at its back. It’s a Black-backed butterflyfish.” “It had a lean body, short brown hair, a grin and an New York accent… It’s Remy.”

First time coconut plucking, first time radio and compressor operation, first time first aid training, first hike, first breathtaking views, the list goes on…

But then, the diving. Getting underwater for the first time in the Seychelles beats everything.

The beauty and abundance of all the colourfull fish and coral is breathtaking. Big smiles allover when we surfaced (for the first time). The next four weeks are gonna be a blast!