Tuesday, February 8, 2011

07/02/11 New Discoveries on Curieuse!

So, it’s week four and we have been busy! We are another step closer to monitoring as we are released into the sea to do practice monitoring! We are still doing fish spots and what seems like endless fish tests to make sure we know our stuff, but everything is done with a smile on our faces as we see our goal within reach. To make it even better we are all now back in the water; it’s so nice to have a full team again.

We have had even more excitement as three new fish species have been spotted a long way from home, the Arabian Butterfly, Somalian Butterfly and an unknown grouper (does this mean we get to name it??). Whilst working, the excitement of seeing turtles, sharks and rays never grows old - it hardly feels like work though as we go on snorkel fish spots and enjoy the sights.

It’s not just in the water that we have been working hard; this week we have been working on some small projects around base, with the men being seperated from the boys as they clear wood from the water drainage are. The girls have been working up a sweat clearing the vegetable patch and making a lid for our water bucket, hard work I assure you!

What can I say? It’s just another week on Curieuse.