Monday, July 11, 2011

10/07/11 A Great Week on Curieuse!

Week one on Curieuse is coming to an end and we are all having a great time, making friends, seeing amazing things (in and out the water,) and quickly getting used to life on our little slice of paradise.

If a week ago I was asked to wake up at 6:45 to rake my lawn and make porridge for 17 people, I would have been reluctant to say the least. However, ‘the simple life’ is suiting each one of us and I can safely say that we’re all having a great time. The food may be simple and the mornings early, but the pituresque white powder beaches and pristine turqoise water we call our front garden make daily life here indescribably content.

Everyone is discovering a love for island life and talents which may have gone unnoticed if not for this expedition. For example, Jan’s Zeus-like ability to tear a coconut in twain with his ‘bear’ hands (hah), Tarjei’s ability to cause us to have laughing fits 75 feet underwater as he tucked into a ripe tomato, and Chris and Ed’s mean-machete skills which saw them hack through a Kezareena tree in an afternoon (we have the blisters to prove it)

Everyone is well under way with their advanced open water dives and we have been lucky enough to see some pretty spectacular things ‘under da sea’ such as bumphead parrotfish, guitar sharks, green turtles and eagle rays.

All in all, we are having an incredible time and loving life on Curieuse.