Friday, July 15, 2011

12/07/11 Curieuse in the Community

Friday 8th June was a significant day for GVI Curieuse, marking our first foray into the world of community work – hopefully the first of many!
Our six intrepid and enthusiastic volunteers painstakingly prepared a lesson on whalesharks and their behaviour, it being the start of whaleshark season here in the Seychelles. Expecting to work with about 25 children at a local school on neighbouring island Praslin, our guys were undaunted when unexpectedly faced with about 70 children! They took it all in their stride and did a great job, setting a high standard for our future work with the school. The kids all enjoyed themselves and went away with a little more knowledge of the gentle giants that grace their seas every year.
A job well done guys, we look forward to much more in the future.