Friday, July 22, 2011

19/07/11 Week 3 on Curieuse Island

Hello, my name is Edd, I’m an emergency first responder, may I help you?
As Saturday popped up out of nowhere, so did our first day off and day-trip to Praslin. A bumpy bus ride for some and a not so bumpy, air-conditioned, taxi journey for others took us to the shops and internet cafe at Grande Anse where we were able to stock up on chocolate and get in touch with everyone back at home before heading to a swanky hotel for some lunch.
After pretty much everyone ordered the tropical pizza, we sat back, Le Relaxed and soaked up some rays whilst we waited for our oh-so-precious pizza...Now take a minute if you will to think what toppings one might find on a Tropical Pizza....Ham and Pineapple right? Well a certain hotel on Praslin didn’t seem to think so as they presented our pizzas, encrusted with dry clams, salty octopus and plenty of small black flecks (my guess is grated Sea Cucumber.) Anyway, we all had a laugh and as some of us “weren’t even a little bit less hungry” after the experience, we found another place to eat.
This week got off to a cracking start as we all began our Emergency First Response training, learning CPR, effective shock management and how to really test the patience of our instructor Jax J
Our second week on Curieuse has been great and we’re all still having the time of our lives.
“I think I’ve laughed more in the last two weeks than in the rest of my life put together”- Tom
I think that pretty much sums up our experience on Curieuse so far. I can’t wait to see what next week will bring. Peace.