Monday, July 25, 2011

23/07/11 Curieuse Community Service II

Our second session of community work led Jan, Nicola, Stina, Alex, Joe and Tom to Baie St Anne School on Praslin today (Friday 22nd). The topic of choice was turtles – with us keen volunteers teaching a class of sixty 11 and 12 year olds in the school lunch hall – focussing on Hawksbill and Green turtle species. After a nervous start, and our only real resource being a mouldly old ‘turtle board’, we soon got going and a scarily realistic turtle impression by Joe helped the class relax and interact with us.

The 40 minute lesson flew by, and each one of us was thrillled to be directly educating the local school children on how to conserve the local marine life. Some expertly devised activities were handed to the children and it’s safe to say that every single child in the class joined in when we split into smaller groups and helped the quieter individuals in the class to get involved. Another hugely fulfilling day in the Seychelles goes by, and the other volunteers and I will be looking forward to our next visit in two weeks.