Friday, July 15, 2011

13/07/11 Toga and Community at Cap T

It’s been our first weekend off and everyone is in great spirits! Can’t believe it’s only been a week here and already we have so many new friends and experiences.
On Friday we decided to throw a toga party! Everyone wrapped themselves up in their bed linen, curtains and blankets and produced some very ‘creative’ togas. It was a great night with lots of chatting and laughing with our new found friends. There was an especially nice treat for all the meat eaters among us who has their first taste of meat since arriving on base, cooked brilliantly on the BBQ.

It was then the weekend, and a well-deserved break for all. Most of us descended into the capital of The Seychelles, Victoria, to check out the market and local shops. We then decided to spend the rest of the day at Beau Vallon beach, this is considered a tourist hot spot- and you can see why! We spent our time relaxing on the beautiful beach and having fun in the pristine waters. There also happens to be a particularly nice pizzeria right on the beach which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
On Sunday most of us snorkeled out to a secluded beach, taking packed lunch and investigating the mangroves. Others just chilled out in the giant hammocks on base, it’s a hard life! It was right back to work on Monday, with everyone thoroughly refreshed, some of us went down to Port Launay beach and gave a short lesson to the children from a local school about the sea turtles that live in the area. This was a great experience and ended up with everyone playing games on the beach with the kids. We then headed back to base and went diving, brushing up on our fish identification - I’d say we are all getting pretty good at it now! It’s been a fantastic few days and we cannot wait for what tomorrow will bring.